Thursday, October 15, 2009

So I decided to open a wedding cake business...

About a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted more control over my work life. Some things had happened, due to the economy, which lead me to doubt my direction in the corporate world. I loved my job, no doubt, but was I really appreciated? Did I need (and want) a creative outlet (it turns out the answer was yes)? Was I being challenged enough? What was my purpose on the earth (OK, I know, that's a little deep!)? So, I decided to do it the "right way" and "get legal."

Fortunately, for bakers in Virginia, the state has made it possible to pursue our passion for baking out of our own homes. The Department of Agriculture licenses and inspects home bakers and it works out really well. There's a fair amount of paperwork, regulations, etc but it's do-able. So I got all of that worked out (and then bought insurance, got a website, formed an LLC, etc etc) and was officially ready to open my business in September 2008. It was delayed a bit because I got married and became a custodial stepmom that summer, so life was really busy!

That fall I began to do some baking for a caterer friend and that was a lot of fun. Every so often I'd get a cake for one of her customers but the winter was pretty slow. Once January 2009 rolled around, my ad in one of the wedding publications hit and the phone started ringing! I got a crash course in doing consultations and tastings, working with brides and generally dealing with the "wedding public." Sure, I made some mistakes, but for the most part, it was a LOT of fun! My calendar started filling up, I was meeting some great, fun people and what's happier than a wedding, right???

Oh, a lot happened this year, my first "wedding season," and I sure did learn a lot! I did over 20 weddings this first year as well as a bunch of celebration cakes and my cakes seemed to be very well received. A lot of what I learned, the experiences I"ve had making cakes, serving brides and grooms on their "special day" and some of the joys and stresses of the job will be featured in this blog. So stay tuned and check back! Hope to "see" you again!

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